What is self-cleaning glass?

Glass that has been coated with titanium dioxide is called self cleaning glass. This inorganic pigment is used in many products, including toothpaste, sunscreen, and whiteners in white paint.

It works by using a dual-action process. Organic dirt is first broken down by sunlight and then is washed away with rain. This makes it easier to clean.

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Two processes are used to clean glass at home:

Photo-catalysis is when sunlight hits the glass and eats away dirt. It does this by absorbing sunlight’s UV component, which then causes the glass to break down organic material.

Hydrophilicity: Instead of rainwater forming droplets and leaving streaks on the starting a window washing business
, the rainwater spreads as a continuous stream washing the glass.

Is it possible to always succeed?

Jeff Howell examined the pros and cons for self-cleaning glass in The Telegraph (June 27, 2005). He concluded that self-cleaning glass is possible as long as it doesn’t get dirty.

He believes that reality can often be quite different from what we think. While self-cleaning glass performed well in laboratory tests, the same conditions rarely apply in real life. How often does rain get in upstairs windows that are protected by lintels and arches? Rain can lashed against one side of a house but the other side will remain dry and unwashed.

Jeff spoke with a manufacturer of self-cleaning glass and he said that the product was only “self-cleaning” if it is regularly hosed off with water. Also, it works best if the water flows slowly, such as on conservatory roofs, rather than straight down like on regular vertical windows.

So…. no easy answer to your window cleaning problems I’m afraid! Best stick with the professionals.

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