Nit-Picking Like a Approach to Lice Removal


If you’ve ever wondered where this phrase originated from, you will realize it once you attempt to eliminate lice with a nit comb. However, if done properly, simply combing through the hair carefully is a highly effective method and does not require any intervention if you can stick with it daily for all weeks.

First thing you will require is a great nit comb. The plastic combs that include the commercially available lice shampoos are virtually useless for lice removal. The teeth on these combs are too wide and too weak to really perform the job that you need them to. A lice comb with metal teeth at the very least two inches long is the type of comb that’s necessary.

The initial three days, you will spend lots of time Lice Removing Comb going right on through the hair of the person with lice. You should go through each strand to ensure you can find no live lice or nits. After three days of intense scrutiny, give yourself a break. For the time being, don’t stress about getting things washed and cleaned. You may have lice come back, so washing now does no good.

On day six, begin combing again. You may feel like you had not removed any lice at all, as you will again notice live lice in the hair, once you had previously though that you had gotten them all. Hopefully, you had gotten all the adults out from the head and you’ll be taking out the very first of a fresh generation before they have the ability to lay more eggs in the hair. You’ll continue to find more nits and eggs. Make sure to comb these out. Continue this for another three days, then take a break for three days.

On day twelve, begin combing again. It is essential that you be extremely diligent during the following three days. If you see adult lice, pay extra focus on eggs on the hair shafts. If you’re diligent, you will have a way to state that you will be lice free, and stay that way.

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