Daily Search Forum Recap: June 13, 2022

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Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

The big Google May 2022 core update may not have been fully done on June 9th, we are seeing many reports of big changes after it was done rolling out. Google Search Console's legacy message viewer is going away in August. Twitter removed the nofollow attributes from its links for some reason. Google added documentation on vary cookie support for signed exchanges. Google Ads said it will address concerns over third-party sales solicitations and poor advice. Plus, I released another vlog today.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Google May 2022 Core Update - Big Tremors After It Was Complete?
    As you remember, the Google May 2022 core update officially started on May 25th and officially ended on June 9th. But like we said initially, we felt it started or was being tested, before May 25th and now, it seems like there are more tremors, big tremors, for some sites days after this core update was announced as done rolling out.
  • Legacy Google Search Console Messages Going Away August 1, 2022
    Google is removing the legacy Google Search Console messages on August 1, 2022. If you try to access the old messages console Google has a warning at the top that reads "Important: This report won't be available after Aug 1, 2022. Please use the new Message panel instead."
  • Twitter Removes Nofollow Attribute From Links
    Twitter, sometime over the past week or so, has removed the nofollow attribute from its links. This is unusual for a number of reason, the largest is that Twitter had nofollowed links on its social network since 2008 on bio links and 2009 on all tweets. So why change it now?
  • New Google Documentation On Vary: Cookie Support For Signed Exchanges
    Google has recently added new information around Vary: Cookie support in the signed exchanges Google Search help documents. This comes shortly after Google decided to bring support signed exchanges for some desktop sites.
  • Google Ads To Address Concerns Over Third-Party Sales Solicitations & Poor Advice
    You probably get these emails all the time from a third-party Google Ads rep asking you to make adjustments to your campaigns, specifically to increase budgets and to go all in on RSAs, responsive search ads. Well, Ginny Marvin, the Ads Liaison at Google, said on Twitter "We are working to address this specific incident as well as the broader concern."
  • Vlog #177: Alcides Aguasvivas On Local SEO For Small Businesses
    In part one, Alcides Aguasvivas is a co-founder of Pix-l Graphx spoke to me about how he started him firm 18 years ago while in college. In part two we chow down on SEO...
  • Google Zurich Cookies
    Here is a photo from the Google Zurich office of really tasty looking cookies. They are colored with the Google logo colors and this guy looks super happy to have them.

Other Great Search Threads:

  • Bing autosuggest with blue magnifying glass., Khushal Bherwani on Twitter
  • While looking as SERP feature data, I noticed that there was a drop in Image Boxes on mobile. What's interesting is the drop seems to correlate with SERP fluctuations that occured on that same day. Was there a connection?, Shay Harel on Twitter
  • FYI the GSC API is referring a 404 URL when reaching quota limits. Without /v3/ is the correct one, Michel Kant on Twitter
  • In the perf panel and seeing mysterious gaps? @paul_irish recently made a small change to DevTools in Chrome 103 that can help with those! You'll want to try it in Chrome canary or beta until Chrome 103 goes to stable at t, Annie Sullivan on Twitter
  • Is @GoogleAds bugging out for anyone else? Looks like there may be some issues afoot. I'm having trouble with keyword planner, Daniel Parscale on Twitter
  • It's the 2 year anniversary of Site Kit's secret Mooooooooo extension! Adding cheese is currently the top priority, and it will come with even more "o"s in it. Which additional features would you like to see?, Felix Arntz on Twitter
  • "Google algorithm updates" is super vague, that doesn't really make much sense. (Ignoring that YouTube is a part of Google.), John Mueller on Twitter
  • Google Engineer Thinks its AI is Sentient, WebmasterWorld
  • The file doesn't change - it's your file like you uploaded it. And again, the links reported in Search Console don't change., John Mueller on Twitter
  • Is Google’s Ranking Algorithm Really That Complicated?, BlackHatWorld

Search Engine Land Stories:

  • 6 Amazon marketing strategies to implement in 2022
  • YouTube lifts some restrictions for mastheads ads
  • Twitter removes nofollow attribute from links in tweets
  • 10 quick and easy tips from LinkedIn for creators
  • LinkedIn announces boosting for Event posts
  • The latest jobs in search marketing
  • Why entity search is your competitive advantage
  • How to attract your ideal customers with quality content

Other Great Search Stories:


  • Dashboard Reporting: What It Is, Why It Matters, Best Practices, and More, Databox Blog

Industry & Business

  • Apple and Google ‘Hold All the Cards.’ Tech Giants Face New Regulatory Threat., Barron's
  • Google at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit, Google Blog
  • UK antitrust agency will investigate Apple & Google over gaming and mobile browsers, AppleInsider
  • Yandex Agrees Indicative Terms for Purchase of Convertible Notes Following Amendment of Convertible Notes Terms, Yandex
  • Google Sidelines Engineer Who Claims Its A.I. Is Sentient, New York Times
  • Google to pay $118 million to settle gender discrimination lawsuit, The Verge

Links & Content Marketing

  • 5 Steps to Boost Your Healthcare Content Marketing in 2022, Semrush
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Local & Maps

  • Hands on: Everything new with CarPlay in iOS 16, AppleInsider
  • See all the macOS naming locations in this Apple Maps guide, AppleInsider
  • Apple’s iOS 16 CarPlay Is Precursor to Apple Car; WWDC 2022 Recap, Bloomberg

Mobile & Voice

  • Apps violate kids’ privacy on a massive scale, Washington Post
  • The first version of Meta’s AR glasses will be for developers only, The Verge
  • Apple HomePod 2 — everything we know so far, Tom's Guide


  • 5 Websites That Got Hit by the May 2022 Core Algorithm Update, Onely Blog
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  • Google Performance Max Will Eat The World; Subscribe And Stay (Pretty Please), AdExchanger

Other Search

  • Search ranking is based on many things, British politics isn’t one, Google Blog
  • Google engineer Blake Lemoine thinks its LaMDA AI has come to life, Washington Post


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