Daily Search Forum Recap: June 14, 2022

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Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Bing is testing a new design and user interface for its local pack. Google is testing new search filter buttons for shopping queries. Google AdSense launched AdSense shopping links. Google spoke more about 301 redirects and why we should not care how much weight pass with those links. Google Search is testing a new explore section in the search results.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Google: It's Not About 301 Redirects Passing Full Credit Or Not
    Google's John Mueller was asked on Twitter if 301 redirected links pass full credit or not. John responded that "I wouldn't see it as "full credit or not", but rather - as mentioned in our docs - it's a good practice for any move to update the important old links to point at the right new pages."
  • New Google AdSense Shopping Links
    Google AdSense launched a new labs feature named AdSense shopping links. Google said with these AdSense Shopping links, AdSense will add shopping links to the content of your eligible pages. Shopping links provide end users with relevant options to buy from.
  • Google Search Tests Shopping Filter Button
    Google Search is testing a filter button for shopping related query refinement. I personally do not see this but Saad AK posted a screencast of this, showing a filter button at the top left of the search results after searching for [jeans].
  • Microsoft Bing Testing New Local Pack Design
    Microsoft Bing seems to be testing a new local pack design. This new design is more minimalistic right off the bat, and when you click on one of the local listings, it pops open more details on the right side of the page, instead of opening it in the Bing Local site.
  • Google Search Tests Explore Section
    Google seems to be testing a new section titled "explore." In this section you can find articles about the topic broken into subject topics of sorts.
  • Old Bing T-Shirts, Some From Before The Bing Brand
    Michael Schechter, who has been at Microsoft for over 20 years, he is the Vice President, Growth and Distribution at Microsoft, he shared some old Bing t-shirts on Bing's birthday, some shirts are fro

Other Great Search Threads:

  • Webspam Search Console generally doesn't flag XSS. You'd have to check with the https://t.co/gfDl8FXFlW folks to see what kind of XSS they pick up (it seems weird to me that it would show in, John Mueller on Twitter
  • Google removed the documentation for Soft 404. It's now combined with the documentation for HTTP Status Code., Kenichi Suzuki on Twitter
  • If it's an unnatural link, banner ad or not, then we do recommend annotating the link appropriately., John Mueller on Twitter
  • Ok. Given that you don't trust what both we & the makers of DA have said, I guess we'll just have to leave it at that., John Mueller on Twitter
  • The way you use quotes within the JSON-LD data will break it with the link. I think you either need to escape the quotes, or use single quotes (') for the href= part., John Mueller on Twitter
  • I gave a talk on Friday at @webdirections Lazy Load conference on the new Interaction to Next Paint (INP) metric, which measures web page responsiveness to user input. Here are the slides:, Annie Sullivan on Twitter
  • You can make a long regex filter, but it would probably be easier to export the list into a spreadsheet, and filter it there., John Mueller on Twitter

Search Engine Land Stories:

  • Google offers to show ad rivals on YouTube
  • Google releases several Ads Manager updates
  • Google to sunset old Search Console message panel

Other Great Search Stories:


  • How to Use Drop Down Menus to Make Interactive Charts and Dashboards in Excel?, Databox Blog

Industry & Business

  • Google auto exec Christian Richter to speak at Automotive News Europe Congress, Automotive News Europe
  • Google suspends engineer who claims its AI is sentient, The Verge
  • Google, Facebook, Twitter will have to tackle deepfakes or risk EU fines - sources, Reuters

Links & Content Marketing

  • Put These Call-to-Action Tips on Your Favorites List, Content Marketing Institute

Local & Maps

  • 37% of Google Maps Results for Abortion Direct People to Fake Clinics, Business Insider
  • Google apologizes to B.C. business owner after maps error sends customers to wrong location, Globalnews
  • Google Maps will now show you info about toll pricing on your route, TechCrunch

Mobile & Voice

  • Helping Developers Create Meaningful Voice Interactions with Android, Google Developers Blog
  • Making VR More Social With Meta Horizon Home, Meta
  • New Tools and Resources for Parents and Teens in VR and on Instagram, Meta


  • 11 years of Top-20 UK Domains, in 60 Seconds, SISTRIX
  • Best practices for designing and running your own SEO tests, Search Pilot
  • How to use heatmaps to level up your SEO strategy, Oncrawl
  • What The Hell Does Semantic SEO Really Mean?, SEO Theory
  • What are Orphan Pages and How To Fix Them, Onely Blog
  • Yoast SEO 19.1 & Premium 18.7: More crawl settings, Yoast


  • 3 Tricks to Create Video Ad Content on a Budget, WordStream
  • Google offers to let ad rivals place YouTube ads in EU antitrust probe - sources, Reuters

Other Search

  • Can Yep compete with Google?, Kevin Indig
  • Nonsense on Stilts, Gary Marcus
  • Windows users quietly receiving Microsoft Bing Service 2.0 update that won't uninstall, Neowin
  • Google AI Chatbot Controversy Shows Need for Transparency, Bloomberg


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