Daily Search Forum Recap: June 23, 2022

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Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

We are seeing big swings in the Google Search results, maybe a continuation of the unconfirmed Juneteenth Google search ranking update? Google updated its help documentation for HTTP status codes, Googlebot and job postings. Google Business Profiles now supports a new attribute for LGBTQ+ owned businesses. Google is testing rounded favicons in the search results. Microsoft Bing is testing the Secure and HTTPS labels in its search results.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Unconfirmed Google Search Ranking Update Spiking June 23rd
    We have been watching what I named the Google Juneteenth Search Ranking Algorithm tremors since the weekend and it is now spiking even more this morning. Seems like some sites hit by the May 2022 core update are seeing some big recoveries, many are not, and sites in general are reporting on big swings in the Google search results.
  • Updates To Google HTTP Status Codes, Googlebot & Job Posting Help Docs
    Google has made changes to a few of its Google search help documentation over the past couple of days. The documents updated include HTTP status codes, the Googlebot and job posting help documentation.
  • Google Adds LGBTQ+ Owned Business Attribute For Business Profiles
    Google has added yet another business attribute for Google Business Profiles - LGBTQ+ owned businesses. This is a new label that can be added to your business in Google Maps and Google Search "making it easier for customers to find and support them," Google said.
  • Bing Tests Secure & HTTPS Label On Search Result Snippets
    Microsoft Bing is once again testing security labels on the search result snippets. Here is Bing testing adding a "secure" and "HTTPS" label on some search results based on my tests in multiple browser types.
  • Google Tests Rounded Favicons In Mobile Search Results
    Google is testing a rounded corner design for the favicons displayed in the mobile search results on snippets. Brodie Clark shared some examples on Twitter saying "On the back of recent testing of favicon sizing on mobile, a rounded version with a grey background has appeared. Similar to previous tests, the brand name/domain is also repeated at the top."
  • Tombstone For Internet Explorer
    On August 16, 1995, 26 years ago, Microsoft launched its browser named Internet Explorer. It was on Wednesday, June 15, 2022 that Microsoft officially discontinued Internet Explorer. So one person in

Other Great Search Threads:

  • "hit with a quality issue & fixed" sounds kinda specific, but overall we don't show all pages with featured snippets. We have a bit about that at https://t.co/rh5oUxWmNp & some reasons they may, John Mueller on Twitter
  • Brave Search is now one year old and officially out of beta! We’re celebrating by giving you even more control over your searches. Our new feature, Goggles, allows you to create and share your own sets of rules and filte, Brave Software on Twitter
  • I don't see a problem with this. It may take a little bit longer to settle down when you have it finalized, but people still get there, it will rank the same, so it's more like a formality, imo., John Mueller on Twitter
  • I don’t think that is the case. You can see that we are “hiding” a video behind a “read more” link and G is grabbing that video and adding it to our snippet., Darcy Burk on Twitter
  • The server logs in the snippet suggest it requested it though? I would just leave it and let it work itself out. I would use the Verify feature more to track for yourself, rather than to push Go, John Mueller on Twitter
  • There's always stuff to improve in search, that's true too. But from personal surfing/searching, there's also so much useless niche-content online. "Write 1000 words about this, John Mueller on Twitter
  • There's way too much low-value niche site content on the web. I hate running across the obvious TOC / headings / 1-2000 words articles. I wish folks made more treats for users,, John Mueller on Twitter

Search Engine Land Stories:

  • Twitter testing Notes, a long-form content feature
  • Meta unveils new policy to fight fake reviews
  • Google adds LGBTQ+ owned attribute to business profiles
  • Finding weird stuff (FWS) is part of SEO
  • Microsoft launches Cash back promotions for product ads

Other Great Search Stories:


  • 9 Features Every Great Dashboard Tool Should Have, Databox Blog
  • Business Report: What is it & How to Write a Great One? (With Examples), Databox Blog
  • The Next Generation of Google Analytics: Are You Ready for GA4?, JSA

Industry & Business

  • Google's 'Real Tone' Super Bowl ad wins mobile award at Cannes, Ad Age
  • Former Google exec: Antitrust enforcement is key to online privacy, Axios
  • German watchdog launches Google Maps investigation, Reuters
  • Google, Facebook Data Centers Face Europe Political Snags Over in Energy Crisis, Bloomberg
  • Yandex publishes YaLM 100B, the largest GPT-like neural network in open source, Yandex

Links & Content Marketing

  • How to Create a Content Plan in 5 Easy Steps, Ahrefs
  • 5 Meta Description Tips To Help Your Content Get the Clicks, Content Marketing Institute

Local & Maps

  • Polestar adds Apple CarPlay support to its EVs, Engadget
  • Review Bombing: 5 Tips to Save Your Online Reputation, Go Fish Digital
  • Volkswagen CEO isn't sure that Apple wants to build cars, AppleInsider
  • Can Apple’s Room Plan Bring Visual Commerce to Local Businesses?, Street Fight

Mobile & Voice

  • Amazon has a plan to make Alexa mimic anyone's voice, Reuters
  • New Google Home Feed tab rolls out on Android, iOS, 9to5Google


  • Ancillary Copyright Law: How Much Journalistic Content is Found In Google Search?, SISTRIX
  • Does Google Search Console Show All Data?, SEOSLY
  • Oh, My MUM. Or how to think SEO in the era of algorithms based on AI, I Love SEO
  • The complete Wix SEO guide: Everything you need to know, Wix SEO Hub
  • Types of URL Redirects & SEO Best Practices, Portent


  • Ad-block developers fear end is near for their extensions, The Register
  • Get incremental sales with Cash back promotions, Microsoft Advertising
  • Google Ads Not Spending Budget: Why is Google Ads Not Utilizing Your Daily Budget Fully?, PPC Expo
  • Netflix and Google are talking about ads, 9to5Google
  • How to Set Up a Google Ads Account in 3 Steps, WordStream

Other Search

  • Brave's New Goggles Tool Lets Users Customize Search Results, Wired
  • How AI creates photorealistic images from text, Google Blog
  • Quantum Advantage in Learning from Experiments, Google AI Blog
  • An Update (Or Not) On Search Engines; Interpreting Apple’s Talmudic Privacy Policies, AdExchanger


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