Daily Search Forum Recap: June 28, 2022

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Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

We have yet another unconfirmed Google search ranking update rolling out now. Google said near duplicate URLs with canonicals still can lead to the wrong URL ranking. Google seems to be adding pros and cons to some snippets. Google Shopping Ads is testing a brand/merchant slider. Microsoft Bing autocomplete tab is awkward.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Google Search Ranking Update Brewing Again June 27-28th
    After maybe four or five days of calm, we are seeing new signs of more larger Google Search ranking algorithm tremors and volatility. This new one seems to just be kicking off, some of the tracking tools are already picking up on it and we have chatter from within the SEO community about a possible update on June 27th and today, June 28th.
  • Google: Near Duplicate URLs With Canonical Still Can Lead To Wrong URL Ranking
    There is an interesting thread on Reddit on a topic we touched on here several times, the topic of Google ranking the wrong version of the URL in Google Search. It all stems back to the URLs you want Google to rank being near duplicate to the URL Google ends up ranking.
  • Google Adds Pros & Cons To Search Result Snippets
    Normally when someone sends me a sophisticated search result snippet from Google and I dig in, I find a reason for how Google came up with this snippet. But it seems like in this case below, Google is being a bit more sophisticated and showing pros and cons in the snippet without the web site having mentioned pros and cons specifically.
  • Google Shopping Ads Tests Retail Brand Slider
    Google seems to be testing a new feature for shopping ads, where as you slide through the shopping ads carousel, it shows you which stores retail brands are being displayed.
  • Bing Autocomplete Tells Searches To Use Tab To Fill In
    Microsoft Bing is testing a new annotation in the autocomplete search results to communicate to searchers that they can tap the tab key to finish the autocomplete without clicking on the term. Here is a screenshot of this that I can replicate - no you cannot click on the word "tab" but using tab on your keyboard does do the work.
  • Mundo Bita At Google Brazil Office
    I saw this photo on Instagram, used Google Lens to figure out who this cartoon character is and discovered his name is Mundo Bita. They were at the Google Brazil office I think for some YouTube subsc

Other Great Search Threads:

  • Question about recommending Dynamic Rendering : TechSEO, Reddit
  • Turned off "Automated App Extensions" in the extensions section of an account, because there's no app campaigns in the account. Now all campaigns' status is "App Not Launched" and the ads aren't serving. and it's Friday. and wait ti, Greg on Twitter
  • If you are not prioritizing organic Google Merchant, rethink your priorities. Search result indicating that 5+ alternatives to Walmart exist for this set of lamps. Google Merchant feeds populate this info. https://t.co/MJ5j8, Gianluca Fiorelli on Twitter
  • Our YouTube channel just hit 500K subscribers! Huge thanks to our Search Central community - Check out our latest videos and let us know what you want to see more of by replying to this tweet, Google Search Central on Twitter
  • Soft 404 is basically a 404. Fun fact: they're also called crypto 404., John Mueller on Twitter
  • This weekend me and 30 other marketers did what marketers often do..., Andrew Shotland on Twitter
  • Usually this happens when a site loses verification for a longer time. This data doesn't back-fill. Sometimes you can verify a different "ver, John Mueller on Twitter
  • When I started in #SEO, I was obsessed with fixing every issue I could find, every redirect, every 404 error, every canonical... But then I realized that good SEO does not equal perfectly optimized websites. Good S, Kristina Azarenko on Twitter

Search Engine Land Stories:

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  • TikTok introduces Attribution Manager with flexible windows
  • Google Marketing Live 2022: Reactions from the experts
  • 30+ agencies form new group to support reproductive rights
  • What to do if you’re negatively impacted by a major algorithm update
  • 21 ways to keep your marketing team productive

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Industry & Business

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Links & Content Marketing

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Local & Maps

  • Google makes Earth Engine available to all businesses and governments, ZDNet
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Mobile & Voice

  • Google’s worst hardware flop was introduced 10 years ago today, The Verge
  • Speechmatics raises $62M for its inclusive approach to speech-to-text AI, TechCrunch


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Other Search

  • Upgrading from Google Hangouts to Google Chat, Google Blog
  • Scoop: Google moves to keep campaign messages out of spam, Axios


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