Daily Search Forum Recap: August 3, 2022

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Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

I posted the large Google webmaster report for August, it is an excellent way to catch up on the past month of SEO news. The Google tracking tools are possibly finally picking up on the Google product reviews update changes in aggregate. Google is testing showing image results with the site name and favicons in web search. Google launched a new simpler, more unified Google Tag. Microsoft Advertising announced a boat load of features like rolling out automotive ads, new ad formatting options, bid strategies and so much more.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Tracking Tools Now Picking Up On The July 2022 Google Product Reviews Update Volatility?
    So we have been watching the July 2022 Google Product Reviews Update for some time and noticed that based on SEO chatter from within the community, it likely really kicked in on Friday afternoon. But the automated Google search result tracking tools really did not show much, in aggregate, but as of this morning, they now are.
  • Google Tag - A New Version
    Google announced a new Google Tag that Google says will "unlock new capabilities to help you do more, improve data quality and adopt new features - without requiring more code." Google Tag Manager is not changing today but it sounds like it will change in the future.
  • Microsoft Advertising Rolls Out Automotive Ads, New Ad Formats, More Bidding Options, Plus More
    Microsoft announced its monthly updates for the Microsoft Advertising platform. This includes rolling out automotive ads, new ad formats, more bidding options, vertical ads and so much more.
  • Google Tests Site Name & Favicon On Image Results Within Web Search
    Google is testing promoting the source of the images it displays in web search by adding the full site name and the favicon from the site in the image box. This was spotted by James on Twitter and I simply cannot replicate this.
  • August 2022 Google Webmaster Report
    Here is the large Google webmaster report for August 2022 - catching you all up on what you may have missed in the past month related to Google search and SEO topics. We had a confirmed Google algorithm update, the July 2022 product reviews update, we had a large indexing outage and several unconfirmed updates.
  • G Logo In Cement Pillar At Google Germany
    I found this photo of what looks like a cement pillar inside the Google Germany office. The weird part is not the pillar but the super G logo embedded in it. And I have no clue what is on top of it.

Other Great Search Threads:

  • Does Google prefer simpler HTML?, Reddit
  • Here's how quickly Google can significantly alter the SERP! Baseball's trade deadline will expire today at 6PM EST Meaning, no more trades for this season! Bec of that YESTERDAY (Aug 1) was a big big day for trad, Mordy Oberstein on Twitter
  • My recommendation would be to ... make awesome, high-quality photos of your own, and put them on your site. What do you want your site to be found for? That's what you put on your, John Mueller on Twitter
  • Se você mora perto de São Paulo, junte-se a @danielwaisberg & @methode para um SEO meetup no Google SP no dia 15 de agosto às 15:30. Preencha o formulário até sexta-feira, 5 de agosto (vagas limit, Google Search Central on Twitter
  • They're counted as normal results - we have this documented fairly well. They count as 1 query impression, 1 site impression, but individual URL impressions (like any time you have multi, John Mueller on Twitter
  • We're going to reward freshness if we determine that's helpful to a query. We talked about this with the NYT back in 2007: https://t.co/ZIgfffaucY If time isn't helpful, we tend not to use it. I ten, Danny Sullivan on Twitter
  • For clicks, impressions, and position, there's https://t.co/JG1YqFxplh which is imo pretty complete. You can't both simplify it (let's not "dumb it down"), and, John Mueller on Twitter
  • FWIW we looked into this, and did not find any evidence of problems with, John Mueller on Twitter
  • People are seeing your listing in search, but choosing not to click on it., John Mueller on Twitter

Search Engine Land Stories:

  • 5 tips for strong media planning during a recession
  • 5 Amazon product listing optimization must-haves
  • Twitter continues testing the edit button, allowing multimedia tweets
  • Google releases simple, centralized tag solution
  • Microsoft announces Automotive Ads, Audience Network expansion, and 7 other updates
  • Google’s Local Services Ads platform has a problem with spam
  • Teams that train together, win together. Send your team to SMX!

Other Great Search Stories:


  • How to get started with Google Analytics 4, Wix SEO Hub
  • One Tag To Rule Them All – Introducing The New Google Tag, Simo Ahava's blog
  • Future of Marketing: First-party data, Brainlabs
  • Marketing Attribution Dashboard: Definition, Types, Metrics, Best Practices, Tools, and More, Databox Blog

Industry & Business

  • Google CEO Sundar Pichai says productivity is “not where it needs to be”, Ars Technica
  • Jean Dubuffet Work in Chicago Relocates After Google Buys Building, ARTnews
  • Rumble’s antitrust lawsuit against Google can proceed, says judge, The Verge

Links & Content Marketing

  • How to Create Relevant Content That Ranks, Ahrefs
  • Try These 5 YouTube Video Tips and Watch Your Results Improve (or Not), Content Marketing Institute

Local & Maps

  • Google My Business SEO: Optimize Your Business for Local Searches, Databox Blog
  • Yelp updates its Android app with a redesigned home feed and map-based search, TechCrunch

Mobile & Voice

  • Pixel Buds Pro firmware update 2.12 rollout complete, 9to5Google
  • Google Assistant IFTTT integration is changing, 9to5Google


  • How to build a Knowledge Panel for your name or brand, Gus Pelogia
  • How to Choose The Best Topics & Titles for Blog Posts, Site Visibility
  • Should You Use AV1 Image Formats On Your Website?, Oncrawl
  • How To Optimize Duplicate Content for SEO, Onely
  • Optimization Tips for Your SEO Career (and Your Life), Moz


  • Google Ads Scripts migration office hours, Google Ads Developer Blog
  • How SEO and PPC Work Together, Rank Ranger


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