Washer and even Washing Machine Water Grade Restrain


Regardless of the brand or design of water level switch applied to Whirlpool, Maytag, Kenmore, GE, Frigidaire washers, it’s main function is to control the total amount of water that enters the tub. When the right water level is reached in the washer, the switch completes a signal to the timer motor, machine motor and agitator control.

Through the fill percentage of the automatic washer cycle, a signal is completed through the pressure switch contacts to either one or both of the water control valves on the water inlet, permitting water to enter the washing machine.. because the timer motor does not operate before proper water level is reached, not operating time is lost during the fill process.

Earlier models of washers used a float-type switch to control water level in the washer. Because they’re now obsolete we’ll keep our discussion to the pressure-type of water level switches. Modern washers now make use of a pressure-type switch. A hose is linked to an air bell on the underside of the outer tub. It then connects to the pressure switch – which will be usually mounted behind the control panel. While the washer is filled up with water, an air pocket is formed in the plastic hose. While the water rises in the tub, the air pressure in the tube increases until it’s sufficient to cause the diaphragm in the pressure switch to actuate the switch contacts; thus, opening the circuit to the water control solenoid, خروج آب از جاپودری ماشین لباسشویی or valve, and stopping the flow of water into the washer. While the water drains out from the tub the air pressure in the hose gradually decreases allowing the pressure switch diaphragm to reset the switch contacts. When these washer pressure hoses split or rupture during a fill cycle your automatic washer may overflow water to the floor and cause unwanted damage.

One reason behind overflow that I’ve seen on numerous occasions is a pressure hose clog. Remember, the pressure switch receives air pressure that’s generated from the basket water that exerts it’s pressure to the air bell in the outer basket housing. This air pressure is provided for the pressure switch in the upper control panel with a pressure tube, which sometimes gets clogged with undissolved laundry detergent. A straightforward way to prevent this is to run the laundry cycle in the warm/warm or hot/warm water temperature setting. This may ensure that the detergent properly dissolves and is not deposited in the air-dome or pressure tubing.

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